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Friday, June 27, 2008

No Dice

"Someone else?" Marten folded his arms and made a funny face. "Who else would be mutant hunting in Ottawa?"

I chewed my thumb, "I have no idea. I've scanned her mind and it's the weirdest thing. The information is there, but there's no real memory." Marten raised his eyebrow. Telepathy is a little hard to explain sometimes" It's like turning on a television to watch your favorite show, but there's no pictures. Just words scrolling across the screen. I can tell that it happened, but there's no actual memory proving it. It's almost like a brainwash gone wrong. They didn't clean up as well as they wanted to."

"Okay, I this 'they', do we know who they are?"

I threw my hands up and spun in my chair.
"I haven't got a clue!" I thought for a moment about all the different military, government, independent and terrorist groups the X-Men had fought before. Too many to narrow it down to any one in specific. I slammed my hands down on my desk and stopped spinning, "That's what makes Krisha's weird memory status so frustrating. There's no clue, no shred of evidence at all to lead us in the right direction."

"So what do we plan to do about that?"

"Well..." I thought. "All we really can do right now is keep our eyes open. I've told Christina and I'll tell you now, look for anything that may hint at what's going on while you're out in the field. Keep a close watch on all of our prospects and I'll see what I can do. Mindy, Bruce and I have been sweeping the city, but we're no Cerebro."
He looked puzzled at the name."Never mind... I have a friend at the Xavier Institute that may be able to help us, Hank McCoy. I mean, he won't tell us what's going on, but he may be able to set up some kind of system to help us monitor activity around the city."

"Sounds good," Marten said, "I'm off to scout, see ya later."

"See you then."


Blogger captain koma said...

Hmmm! The plot thickens like clotted cream.


I'm lactose intolerant.

7:31 a.m.

Anonymous Firehorse said...

Keep the ears close to the ground too! My telephatic powers tells me the mutant is not in Ottawa. Its a ploy to confuse you Gaia.

5:06 a.m.

Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Perhaps Cerebro can help. Are you able to use it? If not, I'll be glad to assist.

8:17 p.m.

Anonymous -blessed holy socks said...

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8:39 a.m.


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